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How many times in life you have been told “you should talk to a therapist or psychiatrist”, but have you ever been referred to a chatbot instead? I doubt if a GP or a close friend would make that suggestion to someone that is experiencing emotional distress or trauma since it does not show full sympathy or respect for someone else’s pain. right?

Chatbots — also known as “conversational agents” — are software applications that mimic written or spoken human speech for the purposes of simulating a conversation or interaction with a real person. At the heart of chatbot technology…

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Knowing that Australians are coming out of a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic 👍, while the rest of the world goes into a new one 👎 is a mixed feeling. Despite disparity of hopes and emotional experiences, a common lesson of the new-normal is to keep the learning mentality up and going 💪. The lockdown has inspired a surge in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects across the World. Many individuals were creative in lockdown, turning trash and unused items into wonderful crafts or boosted their skillset. …

In the recognition of Social Science Week 2020, I would like to take the opportunity and praise social science and humanity studies in taking a unique privilege stance on bringing methodological and empirical expertise to study the social world. As a computer scientist, I completely understand the rhetoric about Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, but I am hoping the hype does not underestimate the unrivalled depth that qualitative research can offer.

Let the Symphony begin!

I fell in love with Social Science after reading the article published by Halford and Savage[1]. The authors advocated Symphonic Social Science — as in the use of a…

Arezou Soltani Panah

Research Fellow at A2I2 | Co-founder of SoDA lab

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